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To Uninstall Your Office Programs on a Mac Operating System: NOTE : Before you uninstall Office for your Mac, make sure all windows of Office products are saved and closed. 1. In the left-hand side of the finder window, select the Applications tab. Inside of the...
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Uninstalling Office from Windows There are two major ways of uninstalling office from your computer. You can either uninstall Office through the Control Panel from your Windows computer, or downloading the uninstall tool located in...
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Activating Office365 ProPlus: Unlike a typical Microsoft Office install and activation, Office365 ProPlus automatically activates when you Install it from the Office 365 online Portal. To keep the installed programs activated, you must connect to the internet and sign in to Office 365...
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NOTE : You cannot use any Office software until your first day of class , regardless of status, if you are a new student. To Install Office365 ProPlus on a Mac: 1. Sign in...
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LSU is implementing Conditional Access for Office 365. This change will impact Office365 users accessing their email from clients that do not support Modern Authentication . Office 2010 and 2013 do not support modern authentication. Please...
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Office365 ProPlus: Retention LSU currently enrolled students, faculty, and staff are given access to an LSUMail account using the MyLSU ID that LSU provides ( for the duration of their LSU academic career - along with a free subscription license to download Office365 ProPlus and access to various other Office365 applications, such as...
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