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General Information Audio conferencing services enable a meeting to be conducted without the need for all of the participants to meet in a single location. These services enable meetings to be planned and arranged such that the actual meetings are conducted by bringing participants together by telephone or through the Internet-- anytime and anywhere.
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General Information A long-distance Authorization Code is a 7-digit number that allows LSU Faculty & Staff to make a long distance telephone call from any LSU campus telephone. Each month all phone calls made by a long distance authorization code are itemized in their departments ITS monthly billing. Each LSU faculty and staff member is...
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General Information When this service is Activated , phone calls made to your Campus Extension will be bridged to your cell phone at the same time. You can answer the call on your cell phone and upon arriving at your desk, pick up your campus phone, and continue the conversation while ending the cell call.
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University Networking & Infrastructure Request Form When to Submit a UNI Work Order? Submit a Work...
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University-Funded Satellite Phones: Available to: LSU Faculty and Staff conducting University business in remote locations. Eligibility: An employee’s need for a University-provided satellite phone must be recommended by their supervisor and Dean, Director or...
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