Sustainability: Save Energy

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Sustainability: Save Energy

Creating a Sustainable Office and Home

1. Lighting:  Use task lighting and turn off overhead lights. Use sunlight for heat and shades for cooling. Choose compact fluorescent bulbs -- CFL bulbs use 75% less energy than incandescent bulbs. Use LED bulbs instead for less energy and added safety compared to CFLs, which are dangerous if broken. (More info:

2. Unplug: Unplug your devices when not in use. Battery chargers for cell phones, mobile devices, calculators, and coffee pots that are left plugged in still draw power, even when the battery has been fully charged.

  • Tip: Use a power strip as an easy way to shut off equipment when it is not in use.

3. Computer Modes:  When your computer is set to Screen Saver Mode, it use MORE energy -- When your computer is set to Sleep Mode, it uses LESS energy. Set your computer and monitor power management to the IT Power Management Policy, which can save $70 per computer per year.

4. Energy Star:  Purchase ENERGY STAR labeled appliances as per LSU policy.  Additionally, check out information on using ENERGY STAR Compliant Components and check out the LSU Purchasing information on Purchasing Appliances

5. Energy Audit:  Contact Campus Sustainability for recommendations on lighting, computers and peripherals, and recycling efforts. Check out the LSU Campus Sustainability website for this information and more.

6. Course Curriculum:  Consider integrating Sustainability related projects into your course offerings. Recycle all unneeded course materials at the end of a semester. Contact Campus Sustainability to request a guest lecture.

7. Encourage Carpooling and Biking:  Consider carpooling with friends or riding a bike to work.

8. Use TIGER TRAILS:  The LSU bus system is complete with new, cleaner burning engines. Check out the Tiger Trails website to find out more information about their routes and their GPS real-time bus tracking.

9. Establish a Coordinator:  Establish an office "green coordinator" and set sustainability goals.

10. Promote Local LSU Auxiliaries: Save gas and time- dine on campus through LSU Dining & LSU University Stores.


Sustainability Quote

3 P's: "A sustainable office offers an efficient and productive (Profit/Prosperity), environment friendly and resource efficient (Planet) work environment that enables physiologically and psychologically healthy and satisfying work (People)."      
--Prof. Ursula Tischer,


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