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Splicing/Remixing with Panopto: To Add/Splice Sessions follow these steps and continue with one of the three options afterwards. NOTE: Editing videos is not supported in Chrome or Edge. Please use Internet Explorer, Safari, or Firefox to edit videos.
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Category: Managing Panopto Recordings

Upload a Media File to Panopto: 1. Log in to the LSU Panopto Web Portal via Moodle or directly from the LSU Panopto Web Portal login page . 2. Select the...
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Category: Managing Panopto Recordings

Viewing Recordings in Moodle As a student or a faculty member, you can view Panopto recordings within your instructor's Moodle course. To view your instructor's Panopto Recordings: 1. Log in to Moodle . 2. Select your instructor's ...
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Category: Managing Panopto Recordings