Modular Messaging: LSU Overview

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General Information

Modular Messaging is the basic voicemail service available to LSU Faculty and Staff. To order voicemail or make a change, please enter a UNI work order

For more information, view Phones & Voicemail: LSU Overview.

Getting Started

To Order Voicemail Services, Enter a UNI Work Request. (Instructions on Entering a Request)

FIRST TIME ACCESS - Setup your Voicemail

Quick Reference Guide

Basic Features

Checking Voicemail Messages for Administrative Personnel.

Activating or Changing Voicemail Greetings for Administrative Personnel


Advanced Features

Enhanced Voice Messaging provides even more advanced voicemail features.

Menu Options (open .pdf)

[1]  Record / Send Messages

[2]  Get Messages

[3]  Personal Greeting

[5]  Personal Options

[6] Call Me/ Find Me/ Notify Me

[7] Autoscan Options

Frequently Asked Questions

What is my voicemail password?

The original password for your Modular Messaging Voicemail account is the number 1. We do not know your password once you’ve changed it from the number 1 at the first login. If you forgot your password, please contact the Service Desk at 8-3375 or to submit a trouble ticket to have your password reset. 

What happens when my voicemail box is full?

Voice mail messages automatically delete after 10 calendar days. Also, you have the option to delete old messages. 

What number do I call to check my voicemail?

The dial in number will be 8-5600 from on campus or 225-578-5600 from off-campus.

I don’t like the way that the voicemail system says my name, how can I change it?

Call into voice mail (8-5600). Even though the options do not offer it, press 5. Then press 5 again to record your name. Follow prompts to record and accept the new recorded name

Why is my phone's Message Waiting Indicator ON even when I DO NOT have any voicemail messages?  This is the Red Light on the telephone.

Please contact the Service Desk at 8-3375 or to submit a trouble ticket and we will correct the problem.

How long does the voicemail password have to be?  Are there any password length requirements?

Modular Messaging password requirements are: At least 3 numeric digits in length, and no ascending/descending consecutive numbers or repeated numbers such as 123, 321, or 444. The password may not begin with a '0'.



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