Using GlobalProtect VPN Client for Mac

Using GlobalProtect VPN Client For Mac

1. Click on the GlobalProtect icon on the upper right of the screen next to the clock:

GlobalProtect icon on upper right of Mac bar


2. If prompted for a portal address, type in then click the Connect button:

  • Note: Ag Center users should use as the portal address

Portal address field and connect button below the field


3. In the GlobalProtect Login pop-up window, type in your primary myLSU/PAWS ID with the at the end (i.e.,, then click Next:

  • Note: Ag Center users should use:

GlobalProtect Login window


4. Follow the Multi-Factor (MFA) authentication process as described in GROK article 19930:


5. Successful Sign-In: 

Successful sign in confirmation


6. To Disconnect from the VPN, click on the GlobalProtect icon at the upper right of the Menu bar (1), then click the Disconnect button (2):

Disconnect button on GlobalProtect VPN


7. To VPN back into campus, click on the GlobalProtect icon at the upper right of the Menu bar (1), then click the Connect button (2):

Connect button on GlobalProtect VPN



If it is not connecting, please enable Palo Alto Networks as a trusted developer via the following steps:

  • Open the Apple Menu at the top left of your taskbar.
  • Launch System Preferences.
  • Open the Security & Privacy preferences and then select General.
  • Click the lock icon on the bottom left of the window to make changes and modify preferences.
  • When prompted, enter your Mac User Name and Password and then Unlock the preferences.
  • Click Allow next to the message "System software from developer "Palo Alto Networks" was blocked from loading."

After you complete these steps please refresh your connection on Global Protect and then try to sign in again. Please be sure to use just your myLSU username ( no and the myLSU password.

If you are having further issues, please reach out to the Service Desk at or call 225-578-3375.


For instructions on how to use the GlobalProtect VPN Client for Windows, please refer to this GROK article: Using GlobalProtect VPN Client for Windows

9/28/2023 9:22:15 AM