TurningPoint: Saving a PowerPoint Polling Session for Mac

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Saving a PowerPoint Polling Session for Mac

Saving the session data enables you to generate reports and manage results.

An audience must be polled with a PowerPoint presentation that contains polling slides.

1. From the TurningPoint toolbar, click the Save icon and select Save Session or Save as New Session. (Using "Save as New Session" allows instructors to rename the session and save it to a specific location on the computer. "Save Session" will automatically save the file in the TurningPoint Sessions folder.)

WARNING: Saving the PowerPoint presentation through PowerPoint does NOT save the session data!

Session files should be stored in the default save location. If the session is saved in another location, it will then need to be placed in the TurningPoint Sessions folder or manually imported into TurningPoint.

TurningPoint menu in Mac with Save button highlighted

2. Name the session file and click Save.

3. Close the PowerPoint application to return to the TurningPoint Dashboard.

4. Now that the session has been saved, reports can be generated and the results can be managed.


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