TurningPoint: Resetting a PowerPoint Polling Session for PC

Resetting a PowerPoint Polling Session for PC

The reset function in TurningPoint Cloud allows you to prepare the presentation for polling.

WARNING - Once the reset function has been performed it cannot be undone.

1. Click on the drop down arrow underneath the Reset icon on the TurningPoint ribbon.

Reset icon

2. Select one of the following options:

  • Session- All of the results from the session file will be reset and all of the participant data will be removed.
  • Selected Slides- Selected slide(s) will be reset but the session data and participant information will NOT be removed. When the presentation is run the previous session data will also be stored in the session file.

3. If Session was selected in the previous step click Save or Don’t Save to save the current session data.

4. Now that the session or charts have been reset, a new session can be run.


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