LISTSERV Web Portal: Bulk Add & Delete Subscribers

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Add or Remove Listserv List Subscribers in Bulk

1. Create & Save a text file (.txt) with an ASCII text editor, such as Notepad. The file should contain only one address (and, optionally, a space/TAB and the subscriber's name following the address) per line.

2. Log into the appropriate Listserv Web Portal ( -  Select the link that corresponds with the ending of the Listserv's e-mail address) with a Listowner E-mail Address & Password.

3. Click the List Management drop-down menu & Select Subscriber Management.

4. Select the Bulk Operations tab.

5. Select the Listserv List to be managed.

6. Select the Desired Function from the list.

7. Click the Choose File button.

8. Select the Input File & Click Open.

9. Click the Import button.

  • A response will be sent to you letting you know if the change was or was not Successful.
  • Subscribers who have been Added or Deleted will NOT be notified.


Referenced from: L-Soft

7/26/2023 11:30:55 AM