LSUMail: Mailbox Limits

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LSUMail Size Limitations


Specific Mail Area

Maximum Allowable Mailbox Size:

100 GB

Maximum Email Message Size:
   (Including Attachments)

35 MB

Mailbox Usage Warning Sent:
   (When Threshold is Reached)

49 GB

Cannot Send Emails:
   (When Threshold is Reached)

99.5 GB

Cannot Send or Receive Emails:
    (When Threshold is Reached)

100 GB

Grace Period Available:
    (To Recover Deleted Items)

14 Days



Checking Mailbox Limit in OWA Webpage:

1. Log in to your Outlook account on the OWA webpage. Click the settings button (gear icon) in the top right corner. 

settings button

2. Click on the View All Outlook Settings option at the bottom of the settings menu.

3. Click on the General tab to open it, then click Storage.

4. The mailbox usage is displayed on this page. 

mailbox account page showing mailbox usage at the bottom


Checking Mailbox limits in Outlook App:

1. Open the Outlook 2016 application. Click on the File tab in the control bar. 

outlook control bar with file tab at top left

2. Click on the Info tab on the sidebar to the left. The Mailbox usage will be displayed in the middle of the screen. 

mailbox usage in outlook


Referenced from: Microsoft Support


4/24/2023 10:33:05 AM