LSU ITS Frey Data Center Policy

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Louisiana State University

Information Technology Services (ITS)

Frey Computing Services Center

Data Center Policy



If you have been granted a Frey Access Card with currently approved access to the Data Center, you are allowed in the Data Center without signing in and out when entering the Data Center during designated times for which you have approved access.  You must wear your Frey Access Card where it is visible at all times that you are inside the Data Center.  You are not allowed to let anyone else (including your student employees) use your Frey Access Card. 


You must demonstrate a frequent need for Data Center access in order for access to be granted via a Frey Access Card.  Infrequent Data Center access will only be granted via the Approved Data Center Access List.  All Data Center access is subject to approval by the IT Security and Policy Officer and Data Center management.  An audit of the Approved Data Center Access List will be conducted every January and July.  Failure to respond to this audit will result in the entire group being removed from the Approved Data Center Access List.  Student employees and graduate assistants not employed by the Data Center or NOC will not be granted card access to the data center but may be put on the Approved Data Center Access List.


For all persons without a Frey Access Card, a picture ID will be required to verify your identity.  Vendors, contractors, and other agency personnel must have a company- or agency-issued picture ID to enter the Data Center.  All persons without a Frey Access Card must enter the Data Center through the main entrance located across from the first floor elevator.  This includes all persons being escorted by someone with a Frey Access Card.


Vendors, contractors, and other individuals with a need to enter the Data Center but who do not have a Frey Access Card can be placed on the Approved Data Center Access List.  Upon presentation of an appropriate picture ID (e.g., company- or agency-issued ID) and verification with the Approved Data Center Access List, these designated individuals may be granted entry into the Data Center but must sign in and out, and provide a reason for being in the Data Center.  The company or agency picture ID, temporary Data Center access card, or Frey Data Center visitor badge must be worn and visible at all times while inside the Data Center.  Requests to be placed on or removed from the Approved Data Center Access List must be emailed to  The request must include the respective individual’s name, phone number(s), email address, and the reason why they need access to the Data Center. 


An approved vendor can request permission to have their company name put on the Approved Data Center Access List in order for employees with a company-issued ID to be allowed into the Data Center if the employee names are not explicitly named on the list.  This practice will only be allowed for vendors in circumstances in which the names of the employees are not known in advance or the list of possible employees is too large.  Requests must be emailed to


If you are an ITS employee (including student employees), contracted cable company employee, or Facility Services employee wanting to enter the Data Center and do not have a Frey Access Card, you will be allowed in the Data Center only if you present proper identification, sign in and out, and provide a legitimate reason for being in the Data Center.


Guests are only allowed inside the Data Center if accompanied at all times by a person who has a currently authorized Frey Access Card with approved access to the Data Center.  Guests must present a picture ID and must sign in and out.  Facility Services employees are allowed to escort contractors inside the Data Center but both Facility Services employees and contractors must present picture ID’s and sign in and out.  Facility Services employees are not required to sign in and out if they possess a currently authorized Frey Access Card with approved access to the Data Center.  Anyone bringing guests or contractors inside the Data Center must accompany these individuals at all times and will be responsible for the actions of the guests or contractors.  All guests are required to wear a Frey Data Center visitor badge.


All individuals signing in to request access to the Data Center must state a legitimate reason for being in the Data Center.  If Data Center personnel determine that the reason is not legitimate, access will be denied to the Data Center.


All tours of the Data Center must be arranged in advance by emailing  Specific instructions for the group size will be given when approved.  Approved tours will be posted on the NOC calendar.


Temporary card access can be arranged for contractors who require access over multiple days.  Email for approval.


Unescorted contractor access after normal business hours can be arranged by an authorized ITS employee by emailing and in advance.


Double door and south stairwell access to the data center will only be granted to Data Center and NOC employees.  NOC employees will assist with bringing equipment through the double doors.  Equipment, dollies, carts, large boxes, etc. are not to be brought through the NOC. 



If equipment and other items require space and/or utilities within the Data Center, written permission must be received from Data Center management prior to any equipment or other items being brought into the Data Center or moved within the Data Center.  This includes, but is not limited to, the installation of any new networking equipment, servers, storage, racks, cabling, furniture, etc.  This also includes equipment and supplies to be stored for later use.  If you are unsure about a specific situation, please email  If permission is granted, it will include instructions on where the equipment or item is to be placed along with other pertinent information.  Notification must be provided immediately to the Data Center when equipment or other items are removed from the Data Center.


Permission is not needed to replace existing equipment or cabling in a repair situation unless you wish to store the items prior to replacement.   You are allowed to replace existing equipment or cabling without prior permission only in the case that you are fixing a “broken” situation.  The existing equipment or cabling must be removed.  The replacement items must be identical and must be installed in the same place as the removed items.  Notification must be sent to to insure that the Data Center Infrastructure Management system gets updated. 


In order to request permission, all on-campus departments with access to the online ITS Telcom Management System ( must submit a Data Center Rack Lease request.  All off-campus tenants must submit a request for permission via email to  You will need to include a detailed description of the equipment or item(s) along with space, power, and/or cooling requirements if applicable.  Please include manufacturer and model number for servers, computing, and networking equipment.  This request needs to be sent and approved by Data Center management in advance of the equipment showing up at the Data Center.  This request should be sent before the equipment is ordered to insure that space and power is available and reserved.  All requests for facilities work (power, cooling, cabling, etc.) being done in the Data Center will be submitted by Data Center personnel or their designee to the appropriate department.


Once written permission is granted and you are ready to bring your equipment or other item(s) into the Data Center, you will need to bring a printed copy of the approved request or email to the NOC.  The NOC will assist in loaning out equipment carts and giving access through the double doors of the Data Center.  You must have submitted all required information to the Data Center before equipment or other items can be installed in the Data Center (such as primary DNS name, responsible group, services/applications running, serial number, LSU property number, etc.).


Packing materials (cardboard, Styrofoam, plastic, etc.) are not allowed in the Data Center proper.  All staging must be done in room 117.


If you have equipment currently in the Data Center that is being de-commissioned, you will need to go through the approval process in order to re-commission this equipment and the associated utilities in the Data Center for another use.  


All equipment housed in the Data Center must be covered under a Technology Service and Support Agreement (TSSA) or Memorandum of Understanding (MOU). 


You are allowed to keep a rack locked only if the entire rack is allocated for your use and you receive permission from Data Center management.  You must store a key with Data Center management.


All racks must meet Data Center specifications (size, color, cable management).


All tenants of the Data Center are required to have at least one email address on the Frey tenants’ listserv.  This can be a single email for your group or everyone in your group.  Requests to be put on or removed from the listserv must be emailed to


Before you can remove equipment from the Data Center, you must email with a description (primary DNS name if applicable) and location so this equipment can be removed from the Data Center inventory database.


Equipment is not to be left on carts.  The carts need to remain available for others to use.


All equipment in the Data Center must be labeled (primary DNS name if applicable) and will be kept in the Data Center Infrastructure Management system.


Do not change the power source for your equipment or move your equipment within a rack without prior approval.  This information is being tracked in the Data Center Infrastructure Management system.



Do not place anything on top of or within 3 feet of any transformer or electrical panel.


Do not place anything on or near any fire suppression equipment.


Do not place anything on top of any air handler.


Do not block access to or the view of safety equipment and signs--such as, fire extinguishers, EXIT signs, red warning signs, Emergency Power Off buttons, fire suppression abort buttons, the ceiling and floor fire detectors, fire suppression discharge nozzles, fire suppression and fire alarm pull stations, etc.


You must place yellow safety cones around any open raised floor tiles or other safety hazards.


Do not leave open floor tiles unattended.


You must replace raised floor tiles making sure that the tiles lay perfectly flat.


Do not block aisles with anything.  Do not leave cabinet doors open and chairs in aisles when no longer working on equipment.  Do not string cables or cords across aisles.


During a fire alarm, everyone except authorized alarm responders must immediately evacuate the Data Center through fire exits and not through the main NOC entrance.


Do not block any doors in the Data Center, especially doors in the designated evacuation routes and EXIT doors.  Doors that are designated as Emergency Exit Doors Only are to only be used in emergencies—for instance, the southeast and southwest exit only doors in the Data Center.  Keep all doors closed and latched that are labeled as fire doors.  Keep all security doors closed with security hardware enabled.



Nothing is to be stored on top of racks or storage cabinets.  Equipment is not to be installed on top of racks.


Small items (spare parts, manuals, cables, tools, etc.) must be stored inside storage cabinets or other furniture.  Small items cannot be stored in racks, on counter/desk/table tops, on carts, in boxes on the floor, or on tops of cabinets and equipment.

Blanking panels must be used in all racks spaces not occupied with equipment unless permission is received from Data Center management.


All storage cabinets must be labeled with the name of who (person or group) is responsible for the contents.


Items can be stored in assigned rooms.


Equipment/components/parts/tools should not be left unattended on the floor.


You must return floor tile pullers, safety cones, and ladders to their proper place after use. 


All rack doors and side panels must be attached to racks or stored elsewhere outside of the Data Center.


Rack doors must remain closed and latched unless you are present and actively working on the equipment.


Staging is only permitted in room 117.  New equipment needs to be unpacked and racked.  Boxes and shipping materials must be discarded or otherwise removed from the Data Center immediately.  Do not place these items in the loading dock area (Room 115).  If you fill up the large garbage bin, please empty it into the dumpster outside.


Place recyclable packing materials in the recycle dumpster outside.  Tear down all packing materials, especially boxes, as small as possible to maximize the amount of materials that can be placed in the outside dumpsters.


Written permission is required before exchanging any raised floor (solid, air flow, cable access) tiles.  Written permission is required before installing, removing or moving anything within the Data Center that may impede or redirect air flow.  Requests for permission must be emailed to


Workbenches and console tables must remain neat at all times and must not be used for storage.


Do not leave chairs or carts in aisles or anything attached to racked equipment unless you are present and actively working on the equipment.


All carts, chairs, stools and ladders must be returned to their designated storage location after each use.


Nothing is to be stored under the raised floor without prior written permission.  Requests for permission must be emailed to


Under floor cabling guidelines must be adhered to.  All cable runs must be performed by the network facilities group or their designee.


All racks will be labeled with grid location based on front door position.


Food and beverages are not allowed in the Data Center proper.  This includes locations such as workbenches, console tables, and Rooms 118A-C.  Food and beverages are only allowed in the break room (Room 122), individually assigned offices, or NOC office spaces.  Dispose of food and beverage containers only in the trash cans in the break room (Room 122).



Violations of this policy may result in Data Center access being revoked.


Equipment, parts, tools, boxes, etc. that are found unattended in areas outside of approved storage areas will be removed.  If it looks like trash, it will be disposed of.  If it looks usable, it will be placed in a spot designated by Data Center management and a notice will be sent to the Frey tenants’ listserv.  If the item remains unclaimed for one week, it will be removed from the data center.



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