• Click the Make Movie tab.
  • Choose file type:
        AVI -- big file raw video
        Flash movie -- mp3 -- small file
        MP4 -- very small file
NOTE: The format type will be determined by your purpose for the video, and how you intend to save it. The smaller the file size, the less quality video you will have. If the purpose is to show detail and facial expressions, you may want the larger file size. If it is only do document your presentation and hear the audio, then a small file size will be ok.

Click Image To Enlarge
 file type menu highlighted

  • If you are placing it on a flash drive, you may need to make it as small as possible. If you are burning it onto a DVD, then a large file might be fine. Ask your instructor which one they prefer.
  • Click the Create File button.

    You will be asked to name the file. It will be saved in your User folder on the podium computer. Saved movie files will only be visible to you when you log in. Other users logging into this machine will NOT see your movie files. At some time to be determined, all files will be purged from these computers. Make sure you have a copy saved on a flash drive or a DVD.
Last Updated: 1/29/2024