• Take microphone out of cradle.
  • Press mic button. You should see a green light. If the mike is in its cradle or muted (red light) your video will not have any sound recorded.
  • You can clip the mike onto your shirt or rest it on the podium.



NOTE: You can mute sound if you want to during your presentation, by either pressing MUTE button on the cradle, or pressing the mike button. Remember to un-mute by pressing button again.





microphone setup showing button at the bottom of the mic, as well as on the right of the cradle.
  • You can check the audio input level by clicking on the audio icon and then speaking into the mike. Watch the 2 indication bars to see what is an optimal speaking volume.

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 audio capture with audio icon and indication bars highlighted

NOTE: If someone in your audience asks a question, the mike may not pick up their voices well. Either hand them the mike before they speak or restate their question after.
Last Updated: 1/29/2024