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Getting Started This article explains the steps for setting up LSUMail on Microsoft Outlook. LSUMail is a hosted service provided by Microsoft Online Services. NOTE : These instructions and images are...
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General Information All LSU students and employees automatically get a myLSU account to access University services through the myLSU portal. An e-mail address of the format is also automatically generated when the myLSU account is created. Therefore, everyone with a myLSU...
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The information in this article can be used for staff members who need to know how to access departmental email accounts that have been delegated to them. To Add Another Person's Mailbox: If you frequently refer to another Exchange folder, you can add the exchange mailbox to your own profile. This will...
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What is Microsoft Clutter? LSUMail users may receive e-mail notifications about the Clutter application. This is a legitimate service provided by Microsoft Office 365 to assist users in keeping their mailboxes clean. Microsoft will automatically enable Clutter for all LSUMail users starting June 2015, but...
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This article explains how to allow people to send email on your behalf using the Outlook for Windows desktop application (2010, 2013, or 2016) in Outlook Web Access (OWA). Secondary account owner can request delegate mailbox access to full-time LSU faculty and staff via service...
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What are Add-ins? LSUMail users may choose to enable or disable some Add-ins . Currently, LSU allows users to enable/disable the Suggested Meetings and Action Items add-ins. (These add-ins are disabled by default.) These are services provided by Microsoft Office 365 that allows...
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Important Notes Before Exporting: 1. Make sure all folders are up to date before attempting to begin: Click the Update Folder button in Outlook.
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Faculty and Staff members leaving the university can follow these steps to transfer their email messages to a .pst file which can then be imported into most email clients. NOTE : You cannot create a .pst file in the Outlook Web App (OWA) or You must download Outlook and create the file using the information below. To...
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Import Emails to Outlook 2011 1. In the top-left corner of the screen, click the File dropdown menu. Click Import .
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In Outlook, you can export some information such as your contacts, emails, and calendar events to a .pst or .olm file. Once they are exported, you can import them into another Office program. On Mac , you will need to import a .olm file. To Import Email into Outlook 2016: 1. Click the Tools tab then...
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