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Guest Accounts for Wireless Connectivity An LSU NetGuest account is required to provide guests on LSU campus with internet access via Guest Wireless. The NetGuest account does not provide access to any other campus resource. Any full-time member of the LSU Faculty or Staff may request a NetGuest Account in order for a campus...
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High Performance Computing (HPC): LSU Overview General Information The High-Performance Computing (HPC) at LSU, or HPC @ LSU, is a joint partnership between LSU's Center for Computation & Technology (CCT) and LSU's Information Technology Services (ITS). We promote scientific...
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General Information In order to use High Performance Computing (HPC) computational resources at LSU, users must first request an account. Any LSU affiliate or a collaborator of an LSU affiliate, including graduate or undergraduate students, may request an account. Accounts and usage of the resources is offered at no financial charge. For more information...
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Important Links in the myLSU Portal for LSU Alumni NOTE: If you are an alumnus that is also part of the faculty or staff, you should also have the links that are generated by your University profile (e.g., the Library Resources, Employee Resources, and Instructional Support sections).
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General Information The LSU Alumni Association offers graduates of LSU a FREE ( e-mail account. This service is powered by Office 365 for Education . Available To: Graduates of Louisiana State University Technical...
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Frequently Asked Questions This article addresses common questions regarding the Alumni E-mail service. 1. Can I keep the same e-mail address? No. Your free Alumni e-mail address will end in to differentiate it from . You can...
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Verify that your myLSU ID or EMAIL ADDRESS is Correct LSU Faculty, Staff, and...
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General Information You can Manage the Passwords for ALL of your LSU Accounts in one place with the myLSU Portal . (View the myLSU Portal: Overview for more...
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Every 60 or 180 days, depending on the strength of your password, your MyLSU password will expire. This feature exists to ensure security in your account. How Not to Reset your myLSU Password There is a Microsoft login page you may see that looks similar to the screenshot...
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A password is a common form of authentication and is often the only barrier between you and your personal information. There are several tools that attackers use to assist in guessing or cracking a password. By creating a complex password and keeping it confidential, you make it more difficult for hackers to gain unauthorized access to your...
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