Mozilla Thunderbird: Link to the LSU Address Book through LDAP Server

The following is a guide to accessing the LSU E-mail directory through non-Exchange programs such as Mozilla Thunderbird.

To Link to the LSU Address Book through the LDAP Server:

1. Open Thunderbird.

2. Select Tools from the taskbar at the top of the screen, and then scroll down to Options.

Account Settings option


3. Select the Composition & Addressing tab.

Composition & Addressing tab


4. Select Use a different LDAP server, then Edit Directories...

Edit Directories button


5. Select Add from the new dialog box displayed. 

Add Directory window


6. Under General, type in the following text next to Name and Hostname. Press OK.

  • Name: PAWSDIR
  • Hostname: PAWSDIR
  • Port number: 389

Directory Server Properties


7. Select PAWSDIR, and then click OK.

Directories window


8. Select PAWSDIR from Addressing tab, then click OK.

Addressing settings


Referenced from: Mozilla

8/9/2023 3:16:51 PM