Microsoft Edge: Keeping Web Browsers Updated

Keeping Web Browsers Updated:

1. Select the Windows icon at the bottom right of the home screen. 

 windows icon on the taskbar

2. Select the Settings gear.

settings gear on the start menu

3. Choose the Update & security option from the Settings Window.

Updates and security

4. If the version of Edge you are running is current, the message will read: Windows is up to date. Otherwise, you will be prompted to install the updates then restart. 

Windows Update tab in the settings window

How to Check the Version of Edge: 

1. Open the Edge web browser.

2. Click the More actions tab at the top right of the web page, then select Settings.

more actions tab on the settings window  

3. The current version of Edge is displayed underneath the About This app header. 

Edge version in the settings window

Referenced from: Microsoft

1/30/2024 4:06:32 PM