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NOTE: For Spring 2024, the Dairy Store has moved to a new location on 118 S. Campus Dr. while the main building is under renovations.


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General Information

The LSU Dairy Store is an on-campus, student-staffed food store that sells many dairy products like ice cream, shakes, and cheeses, along with meats, sandwiches, chips, soft drinks, candy, and coffee. In late Fall 2025, it will be located within Our Lady of the Lake Health Interdisciplinary Science Building at the corner of South Stadium Drive and Tower Drive, between Tureaud Hall and the Fred Frey Computing Center.

Store hours are 9 am - 5 pm Monday through Friday, except on student holidays, when they close at 3PM. The Dairy Store phone number is 225-578-4392.

 For general info and prices, click here.
 For a list of ice cream flavors, click here.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the TigerBite flavor?

This flavor is a mixture of blueberry and vanilla.

How much is a cup or a cone?

The cup or cone is weighed, and the price is calculated from $7.50/lb. The average price is around $4 per cup/cone.

Do you take Paw Points?

Yes, the Dairy Store takes Paw Points! Feel free to get an extra treat for you and a friend if you have any leftover points in a semester.

Is the ice cream all-natural?

Two additives, polysorbate 80 and mono- & di-glycerides, are in all flavors. Some flavors, including Strawberry, also have artificial colors. The rest is pure milk, cream, sugar, and other natural ingredients. Please notify us if you are allergic to soy, as there may be soy lecithin in certain flavors (but not most). There is no high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) in any flavor.

I am health conscious. What are the cows' diets?

The cows are fed a total mixed diet consisting of corn silage, hay, whole cottonseeds, grain, and a vitamin-mineral supplement. The feeds are mixed in a mixer wagon and delivered to the cows twice per day at milking time.

The cows are turned out on pasture to graze, but their primary feed is the total mixed diet to ensure that all of their nutrient requirements for milk production are met.

I have more questions, can you answer them?

Absolutely! Just stop by and ask one of the people working the registers. You can also call 225-578-4392.


Referenced from: LSU AgCenter Dairy Store

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