LSUMail: Why Do Some E-mail Addresses Show Up As

Not every LSU person has a mailbox in LSUMail.

However, most of these people are defined in the LSUMail Global Address List so that you can see their names and addresses when you select them as recipients of your e-mail. To make e-mail delivery work, those people who do not have an LSUMail mailbox have a routing address of The address tells LSUMail to sent the message back to the LSU campus for proper routing and delivery.


In OWA Mike The Tiger wanted to check the e-mail addresses of all the 'tiger' accounts at LSU.  He clicked on the TO button while composing his e-mail.

1. He then typed 'tiger' in the search input box.

2. Below is what OWA displayed when the system finished searching for  the "tiger" name.

** OWA Variation Notice **

OWA is updated and experiences formatting changes regularly. This article will present a generic set of instructions for use of OWA. It should be used as a guide while using OWA. Screenshots and instructions may be slightly different from the current implementation of OWA, and a user may see something different than what is shown in this article. For issues that may arise during the process of using this article, please contact the Service Desk for further assistance.


Notice the E-mail Address:

  • : These e-mails are sent back to the LSU campus for routing and delivery.  (These people DO NOT have an LSUMail account.)
  • : These e-mails are routed to the LSUMail system for delivery.

typed text into the search bar


** Important Note:  DO NOT send e-mail messages to an formatted e-mail address, unless selecting the address from the Global Address Book.  If messages are sent to these addresses when the address is not selected from the Global Address Book, the messages may not be delivered.  If you see an address with, please change the e-mail address to before attempting to send to it, even if it appears when replying or replying all to an e-mail.




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