E-mail: LSU Guidelines for Sending Broadcast E-mails

LSU Guidelines for Sending Broadcast E-mails

In an effort to keep the LSU broadcast e-mail system one that is used for high-priority messages only, and to reduce the number of broadcast e-mails sent to students, faculty and staff, the LSU Office of Communications & University Relations has finalized the following guidelines to determine whether a mass e-mail will be distributed.

While university officials would like to accommodate all requests from campus units and organizations, the broadcast e-mail system has neither subscription opt-in nor opt-out capability and, therefore, should be used with discretion in order to prevent overloading or spamming recipients with unsolicited messages. Please review the streamlined guidelines below before requesting a broadcast e-mail.

The new criteria for submitting a broadcast e-mail are as follows:

• Information must be of an emergency or critical nature, and/or official LSU business, as determined by the LSU Office of Communications & University Relations.

• Broadcast messages are reserved only for LSU entities (i.e., no off-campus agencies, organizations, companies, etc.) and cannot contain attachments.

“LSU News and Notes”

If you have submissions of any nature NOT enumerated above, you should forward them to pubaffairs@lsu.edu by noon on Friday and they will be sent out on the following Monday in ONE broadcast e-mail with a synopsis containing a link to a new, weekly “LSU News and Notes” blog, which will be maintained by the Office of Communications & University Relations.

Like the previous iteration of broadcast messages, “LSU News & Notes” blog post(s)requests should specify exactly how the message should appear, the subject line, and intended audience (i.e., faculty and/or staff and/or students).

The LSU Office of Communications and University Relations reserves the right to allow certain requests be broadcast based on their relevance to the university's strategic plan.

Several other message delivery options may be available through the university in addition to the “LSU News and Notes” blog:

  • LSU Calendar – Log into myLSU > Campus Community > LSU Calendars > Manage Events > Request New Event
  • The Daily Reveille
  • KLSU
  • myLSU News – my.lsu.edu
  • Posters, flyers
  • College or departmental mailing lists – Departments and colleges may request the creation and self-management of specific broadcast groups to communicate with their own students or specific audiences as appropriate. These requests must come from the dean and will be handled on a case-by-case basis. Requests should be made to pubaffairs@lsu.edu.
  • Social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.)

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation in this matter. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the LSU Office of Communications and University Relations at pubaffairs@lsu.edu.



4/9/2024 2:17:32 PM