Student Health Center: LSU Student Health Insurance

General Information

LSU offers a comprehensive Student Health Insurance Program for students and their eligible dependents. The plan features medical coverage underwritten by Pan-American Life Insurance Company, pharmacy benefits by WellDyneRX, dental and vision coverage by AlwaysCare. The plan offers a variety of services provided through networks such as Verity, BestCare, BeechStreet, AlwaysCare Dental and Vision.


All students at LSU & LSU Law Center who are registered full-time or part-time for resident study / taking classes at LSU or LSU Law Center are eligible to purchase the plan for themselves and their dependents.

  • This excludes individuals registered for or in any of the various courses or activities offered as "Continuing Education" programs. 
  • Visit the LSU Student Health Insurance Site for more information.
2/2/2024 4:45:21 PM