IT Policy Statements: Quick Reference

IT Policy Statements: Quick Reference

NOTE:  This is an abbreviated list of commonly referred to Policy Statements.  This is NOT a comprehensive list.  For details on ALL IT Polices & Laws, see

PS-06.15 Use of Electronic Mail (E-mail)

• Applies to anyone who has an * address, which is the “official means of electronic communication by the University to faculty, staff, and students…”
• “Accounts and account passwords are not to be sold, rented, transferred, or shared with any other person. ”
• “Protected institutional and personal information shall not be sent via e-mail, unless specific steps are taken to ensure that the transmission or content of the e-mail is secure and encrypted in accordance with University standards, and the personal information therefore provided this additional level of protection.”
• Eligibility to obtain University e-mail accounts (@*
• Account retention.
• Mail backups, storage, and retention.  (Public records or other policies with different retention requirements may also apply.)
• Privacy and applicability of laws and policies.

PS-06.20 Security of Data

• “Responsibilities of all users in supporting and upholding the security of data at LSU”.
• “Protected information will not be disclosed except as provided by University policy and procedures, or as required by operation of law or court order. ”
• Chart for classification of data as public, private, or confidential.

PS-06.25 Privacy of Computing Resources

• Who may and may not access computing resources and data at LSU.
• Specifies strict conditions required in order to access computing resources and data outside of day-to-day access.

PS-06.05 (PS-107) Computer Users' Responsibilities

• “Guidelines and restrictions regarding any and all use of computing resources at, for, or through LSU”.
• “LSU may limit access to and/or review and monitor its computing resources and the use of computing resources, without notice to or authorization from user(s)”.
• Appropriate use, and misuse or abuse and sanctions.

PS-06.10 (PS-114) Security of Computing Resources

• “User(s) within functional unit(s) are required to report any suspected or known security breaches or flaws relating to the security of University computing resources to the IT Security & Policy Officer."

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