Phones: Tones / Symbols

Phone Symbols:

The information provided below is cited from North Dakota State University Telecommunications and Emergency Support Technologies:

  • Dial Tone: A continuous steady tone you can dial.
  • Confirmation Tone: Three short tones- actions accepted, proceed.
  • Reorder Tone: A "fast busy" tone- call temporarily blocked, try again later.
  • Warning Tone: Steady tone- call is going out over high cost facilities.
  • Coverage Tone: Short tone- principal is not answering. Call is going to the first coverage point.
  • Siren Tone: Alternating high and low "siren" tone- dialing error made or feature denied or not a working number.
  • Recall Dial Tone: Three short tones followed by dial tone- switchhook or RECALL button properly depressed, proceed.                                                                                                                                                                                  

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